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Misen Chef's Knife Review: Misen's new chef Knife

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Hey there,
In this video I take a look at the Misen chef knife. The Misen chef knife retails for $65 and can be found on their website.
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8 replies on “Misen Chef's Knife Review: Misen's new chef Knife”

I'm a professional cook and have a set of these on the way. I need to prep fruit and veggies for hours on end at my job. My research has concluded these knifes are ideal for the home cook more than a professional chef, but I'll be putting that to the test myself. I also have a $25 Chinese knife from Amazon and a $180 Wusthof on the way to compare them with so I'm pretty excited to see how they all hold up.

There are some things that literally can't be done by lazer cutting a piece of steel into a knife that can be done by hammer forging. If you want a quality chef knife look at a website that sells hand forged chef knives from Japan.

Hi, Jeff. As a former Chef and cook, I own some of the higher end knives and really don't need another. Buy once, cry once when purchasing a good quality knife.
Every knife will dull with use. It depends on the type of surface you use, what you're cutting and how often you use them. I would encourage everyone to buy a sharpening stone and watch a few video's. It's easy and you're always guaranteed a sharp knife, without the hassle of sending it out (for who knows how long and the price of shipping). There's also something "Zen-like", or calming, about sharpening knives. I recommend watching Jason Knight's video's (Master knife maker and former Forged in Fire judge). He does a very good job of explaining sharpening.
Also, he has a few video's on how to hold and cut with a chef's knife. It makes cutting safer and easier.
Otherwise I enjoyed your review and find it helpful to those that may be looking for a good "budget" kitchen knife.

Great review! Like you, I already have arguably too many decent knives. Yet I find myself watching the whole review thinking "I want one!" 😖🙃

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