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Kansept Shard Folding Knife – Overview and Review

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12 replies on “Kansept Shard Folding Knife – Overview and Review”

My first folder was China made. Since then i have developed a very seriously allergy towards asian made knives. The way the allergy makes it presence known is that the thought is "asian made + importer = murder" known.

Great to see a new company with some higher quality knives. I never bought Kizers til last year. Very good knives, the T1 is close to ZT quality. There are a ton of budget knife companies. I stopped buying budget blades but don’t buy customs either.
You are right about the T6 screws, they need to go or at least be very high quality. The other thing that does not get brought up enough is having a captured pivot.
Free spinning pivot screws or ones backing out (BM 940 etc) drives me nuts.

Looks rather similar to the yobotools silvback but majorly upgraded with a wider handle. From that perspective I am genuinely curious about it.

I’m literally watching while playing with mine, I got the green/blue and copper one. It’s the jem of my collection and I plan on getting the cryo soon, kansept is a fantastic Company and I can’t wait for more

These have to be made by kizer! If that had a kizer logo no one would bat an eye, the quality and machining is just like theirs

Very nice knife, the design, the blade's shape, the materials used … lovely 😉 Thank you for the video

I've been thinking about picking up the green and copper shard for a bit now… Still waiting for the Protech Malibu to come back first though.

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