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48-Piece Survival Grenade Reviewed and Improved

48-Piece Holtzman’s Survival Grenade Re-Packed and Expanded. Enjoy!

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Most of the time I cringe at such "cheap, affordable" kits. If you are in a survival situation.. you will get killed because the kit won't work. You also, never invested in proper gear that could've saved your life because of these kind of cheap kits. If you camp out or hike often, get the proper equipment. Even if it means a bulkier backpack or a pocket burn. Because those expensive, bulky items will save your life.

I want one of these grenade kits just to see how many of the morons in my area (sacramento area in california) freak out thinking it’s an actual grenade. Had one call the cops one time saying I was brandishing a combat knife because I opened a package with my Swiss Army Knife. Apparently the word “army” makes it a super dangerous combat knife. Lol

Found your site the other day and enjoying it quite a bit. I've also gotten ideas on what to put in and not put into my own kit. Thanks. Just thinking that the clips to make a bracelet aren't redundant. You could use the cordage you have to make a bracelet as a part to hold onto the cordage.

So on that lil blue hack saw blade if one side of it has a burr it will make a great ferro rod striker. Is there some where you can buy those red tins you used or is that from something else you cannibalized, also have you thought bout putting the whistle on the outside in case you need it so you don't have to unpack the whole kit?

If you can't say anything positive about the knife, DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL! You ruin everything good and positive you are saying.

bit of blade thats blue is your striker wire saw is reasonable i used one for pruning branches i couldnt reach, watch for it snagging but does work but for normal cutting rig it with a branch as a bow saw

Novelty kits like this are trash. With no easy access to the gear inside, you 're left screwed in a real emergency situation. Obvious that they threw in random and cheap add-ons like bobby pins just to bulk up the content number. There's no good way to contain water. The number of matches is also laughable.

I've seen those fero rod buckles before, most of the ones I've seen dont work at all, they seem to be fake. Two obvious issues are the time taken to open, and what to do with the contents after you've opened it, your clothes may be soaked so you can't just bung it in your pockets, probably loose stuff anyway doing that.
It's a nice idea, but not for me.
Enjoyed the video mate. Regards Wayne

Hey Eric. I like the amount of cordage that comes with it, but CR's not really crazy about the price point and some of the items within. I do like how you "re did " it up tho. nicely done man. so really how long did it take to get the cordage off? All the best from CR.

I really enjoy your videos, and your upgrade ideas. I always add 6 or 8 inches of duct tape, just to repair the water bag if needed. Keep up the great work.

hmmm, I think the grey bit at the top was probably a separate bracelet. that would make sense with the buckle you found inside.

Another good video Eric. I have never liked the cord grenade style kits and the first five minutes of the video confirms why. The kit you built up at the end was awesome. Really impressed that it all fitted in the tin. Congratulations on the steady build up of subscribers, well deserved.

Man, that base kit was junk! Not worth $40. The improved kit is pretty damn nice but you probably should've saved the money and just started out with the box!

Fairly certain that blue 'saw' is actually another striker. I've bought dollar store ferro rods that came with a striker that looked like that.

I've always wanted to open up my survival grenade but then I would have to replace it. I only have it for the "cool" factor. I have plenty of other self made quality kits. I do like what you did with this one. Awesome stuff as always.

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