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Survival Gear Review: Long Range Patrol / Bugout Pack

Breakdown of my long range patrol kit, designed for 2-3 days in the field during the summer season.

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14 replies on “Survival Gear Review: Long Range Patrol / Bugout Pack”

HEY just some info for you to share about survival to ur viewers. if you get a cut or wound and ur out in the wild areas or urban areas you can use a spider web to wrap ur wound with and it acts like neosporin! it has antibacterial and antibiotic properties to heal ur wounds. if the spider is home just blow on the web and he will go a runnin away!!:) just take the web and wrap it around wound or cut:) peace brother be survivin alwasy.

hey bro just wanted to very kindly suggest that when doing back pack or any kind of pack review or mentioning that you always mention the cubic inches or liters the bags are. Everyone always likes to know especially when they see a bag they like and wonder its size due to its hard to really know by way of picture or video. when it comes to military surplus the size dictates almost everything along with also hearing from you about how the pack fits on the body and size and comfort and how much can a bag hold in poundage before it maxes out etc. the more we know about ur awesome bags the more we know if we would want to purchase ourselves thank you!! sorry for the longer message im a bit down with mono and a flu so my head is a bit foggy and

Always good to see your vids. No frame, 20 lbs max comfortable carry. I run an LC2 rig myself. I try and run only the contents that will fit on that rig year round in the mountains of Virginia. Temp range 20F to 98F. The LC2 is dedicated for microclimate, macroclimate, mobility, and security. Using the pack for cold weather gear, up to two week food supply, base camp and resupply items. Meeting most of those goals. Caching is going to be critical as a prepper does not have a big supply system in place. In WW2 it was determined by German military and others that with full battle rattle on and firearm a ruck should not exceed 40 lbs. Sound wisdom,. I think 30-50 lbs require a frame.

Really like the way you set up the SMERSH and the contents of the pouches. Gonna copy some of the stuff you set up. Thanks for the vid man.

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