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Magic Review – Survival Kit – SansMinds Creative Labs

Magic Review – Survival Kit – SansMinds Creative Labs

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13 replies on “Magic Review – Survival Kit – SansMinds Creative Labs”

I would have thought a survival kit would have been all impromptu tricks with every day objects , who has time to build a bunch of tricks in one day and Id rather go to the store and buy some diapers for that special something for the water trick 🙂

IT'S THE WORST THING EVER!!! There so so better Versions of this Tricks and the build of the Bottle is Dangerous this is nothing for Kids ! Shame on SansMind for this Product

2 haircuts in 1 video?, that's magic.

IMHO, this the probably the worst DVD that Sansminds has ever made. Basically ripping off other people's effects but in a crappier way.

You reviewed it!! you've confirmed my suspensions. I could just buy a deck and a few items and do some arts and crafts before a gig. or do some impromptu tricks on the spot with borrowed items, if someone wants to see something.

I literally thought this trick cost at least two times more than it is . Oh yes I want to hear your thoughts on praemovo plz thanks

first, also im supprized that they sold the vanishing water in the cup because Im thinking its super simple. more than the origional

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