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OTF Knife from Wish:Review

Here is my honest review of an OTF (out the front) Knife from the mobile app WISH. The knife was branded as something it wasn’t, and I’m no fool, so I removed the markings and reviewed the knife as is; unbranded. To my surprise, the knife is better than my $399 dollar Bench Made Infidel(given to me by a friend). Here are my thought and opinions of WISH, a product review, and my overall experience. The APP is available to download, and if you are interested, search OTF Knife, and you are bound to find hundreds of options.

There are three other products by Wish to Review in the Future, as well as a range day testiong bullet proof items and much more!

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12 replies on “OTF Knife from Wish:Review”

I just order a similar one. In the description says the blade is 10,4 cms (that is 4 inches. I'm I right?) Same spot for the switch on the side that is my preference for a double edge dagger, because as a previous comment mentioned, my intention is carry this for self defence, for eventually utilitarian task I have many others that doesn't look like "a weapon". And for a man pocket I think this will be discrete. Every self defence tool that depend on contact is mean to be "felt" not seen. And finally this design left to the personal judgment being used as a impact tool (that windglass breaker looks solid) or go to the most aggressive option using the blade.
At that price and having clear that this isn't a bushcraft survival knife, this item brings to the table another option to consider.
Thanks for the review, it's helps me a lot!!

Nice review. Thank you!

Guys and gals – Don't take this stuff so seriously! If you're really interested in long-term utility and/or self-defense, you should probably look ELSEWHERE than an OTF.

Of course, the real things are better in every way, but if you just want an adult fidget toy, these are great. If you decide you want to have heirloom quality, go for it. Who needs to spend $300-400+ for a toy that ends up in the back of the drawer. This could literally be a "try before you buy" path.

My .02

Wish. It is what it is. The knife is good to carry on the way in/out of a dark parking lot. I'd use the glass breaker first on someone's nogan, the otf can be illegal. They have some great flashlights, back packs & a ton of molle gear attachments. The wait sometimes is long, up to 2 months with the Covid19 going on right now. There's only been 2 items that I never received at all, for a loss of chump change. Use PayPal & you can always claim your money back. Alot of good EDC gear.

To me, the otf knives are carried for one reason and one reason only. Self protection.
I don't intend to use that knife to gut a deer, or, split kindling.
These knives deploy quickly and easily. As long as that blade opens and locks reliably, it is doing it's job.
That being said, stabbing through several layers of clothing and into an aggressor is much harder than most people think.
I just wonder how secure the connection between the blade and the handle is as It would suck if the weapon fell apart during an incident.
Does anyone know anything about that?

Having owned a cheapo wish OTF and multiple legit Microtech knives…….

There is no comparison. The real deal is much better.

I disagree that Microtechs are "novelty".

Check out torture tests. They're tough as hell.

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