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GEO Knife 901 – Brand and Knife First Impressions

GEO Knife is a new sub brand of Kubey Knife. I have had several Kubey knives over the past few years and have been pretty satisfied with what I’ve seen from them. I was the Kubey KU085 that first demonstrated how good a budget knife can be!
Let’s take a look at my initial reaction to the GEO Knife brand!!

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26 replies on “GEO Knife 901 – Brand and Knife First Impressions”

I have a couple of older Kebey knives. My wife even carries one. I may check this out. Hope your back is improving JB.

Whatever that was stuck in the pivot was driving me nuts , probably would have had even better action had that not been in there.

Back issues suck broke mine 20 years ago so it gives me issues all the time more so with age. Like the knife, glad to see another budget model out.

Pretty decent looking knife. The clip seemed a bit long to me. Like the green and black. Will be interested in seeing the full review. Medicine must be taking effect could have sworn box was CEO. Oh well.

Yup, I like it. That two tone D2 blade is wicked!
I sincerely hope that your back mends soon. Back problems are no fun at all my friend.
Thanks for the review. 👍

Another nice review, JB! Hope your back recovers very soon. It’s amazing how quickly back problems can stop you in your tracks. They really suck.

Its definitely a decent looking blade! I'm loving the fact that bearings are ending up on these budget blades these days. Ultra-X is another budget brand Knifecenter that's doing it. I just got the Ultra-X Bat and its pretty sweet. Great stuff as always.🙏🍻🍻

Two tone blade reminds me of the Kershaw Showtime. Box presentation reminds me of CRKT. The G10 almost a Micarta look and feel. I was typing micarta as you mentioned it. Seems a little wide to go in my pocket. Hope your basic starts feeling better JB.

Just came from SKL for this. It looks to be a fantastic knife for the price. I do wish they had the tan handles on a plain blade instead of the two-tone. But that's such a quibble.

Man everyone is getting hurt or something this year. 😔 good god 2020 just kinda sucks. I’m sorry to hear about your back bud. I just tore my shoulder muscle from pulling a cabinet out that I’ve did 10 times before no problem and now I’m in a sling. 🙄 any way geo knife was like under 20 bucks like a year and half ago. Now there getting more expensive it looks like. I hope your back gets better soon for ya

Yeah, I ended up liking this knife more than I expected. Thank you for the video and the mention Jody, much appreciated my friend.

Sorry to hear about your back. Had trouble with mine for years . Driving a car used to kill me! Good luck! Stretching really helped me!

That sucks about your back, hopefully it gets back to normal soon! Nice knife! Looks really well done. Should be a good user!

Nice its GREEN, looks good not a fan of the pocket clip! Did I see another GREEN knife used to open it? Are you are falling over to my side of the GREEN??

Back problems are forever, hope yours gets better. I got the 903, big chunky thing, kind of Proelia meets Rough Ryder.

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