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Cold Steel Recon Tanto knife review

an all around sweet blade ready for anything

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I had 2 of these back in 2011 in Iraq. One of them had the hilt come loose only after carrying a few days. The other is still rock solid to this day. The scabbards on mine both sucked for retention. Rubber is still very good, but performs poorly when wet. Cold Steel rocks.

I wish you would have had a freakin truck hood or car door you could have demonstrated this knifes' true ability with! 🔪💥💥💥
Now thatttt would have been your 10K+ views.

Ya that would take the hair off of your 🥜 and if that in if that knife function’s as a way to stay Bald and Beautiful then I want one. LOL thank you DBAD and Scab.

I carried that when I was in the service bought it a ranger Joe's in ft.Benning it was American made then but had a sucky sheath like this new model better. Its a great knife im tossed between that one an the srk. i like tanto myself , but for the price you can't beat either one

Yep, I only have 2 maybe 2.5 knife fights a week, so it's good to know what other tasks my blade can perform.

Your videos are priceless brother! You make me smile all the time! Another great knife by cold steel which I would love to have but dbad designs come first ! Take care brother, stay Save, love you allways ❤️

I have owned an original Carbon V Recon Tanto for over twenty years and it still has the original welted leather sheath from before the new design came out. I admit I was very curious about this exact model because it is the only carbon steel version made right now.

Since I’m kind of a cold steel fanboy I of course own this blade and I absolutely love it. Thanks for the great vid as always

I love the Tanto design. I have carried Cold Steel tanto lockblades since 1999 with the original Voyagers. I carried them in Iraq and Afghanistan. They never broke, I only had to resharpen them once in awhile.

A decent combat knife. I've thought bout gittn one. Love your reviews ole boy. You have a good personality. Genuine. I used to have the CS Magnum Xll tanto. With san mai lamination. Bought it in the mid 90s. Gave it to my oldest son a coupla yrs ago. You shoulda seent the look on his face! He was a happy camper.

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