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Olight M2R Pro Review – The 'hottest' EDC and search torch of 2020?

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Richard Prideaux reviews the 2020 Olight M2R Pro Warrior torch and shares his views and opinions after a few weeks of use in the outdoors.

(we’re not in the affiliate program, we don’t make any money from sales of Olight torches)

00:00 Intro
01:29 Montage of product features
04:08 Strike bezel and design
04:55 Stainless steel clip
05:13 Battery
05:35 Tailcap switch and lanyard
06:12 IPX8 rating
06:35 Side switch and battery indicator LED
06:58 Lockout button operation
07:20 Lighting modes
08:01 Strobe mode
08:36 Using the lighting modes (search, tracking etc)
10:18 Heating/potential overheating
11:50 Magnetic tailcap and compass interference
14:03 A tool, not a toy
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Video Technical
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Lens 1:
Lens 2:
Wireless Mic:
Audio Recorder:
On-camera mic:
Tripod used:

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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2 replies on “Olight M2R Pro Review – The 'hottest' EDC and search torch of 2020?”

We're probably one of the few Youtube channels that are NOT in the Olight affiliate program – but we still really like this torch. As long as you're not using it right next to your compass…

I do have two olight torches, they have the magnetic base, but when I "put them away" I give the base cap a full turn so the torch cannot switch on. Just an observation.

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