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The Demko Knives AD-20 Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a knife that’s big, beefy, and excellent: the Demko Knives AD-20.

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WE Malice blue bronze titanium version looks better, feels better, cuts better, less expensive, and is just as tough. Much respect to Nick for appreciating this AD-20 design in terms that it isn't built for use in his specific lifestyle. I run into knives all the damn time that I l know I could never realistically use everyday, or even on vacation, but like Nick occasionally says, "Just take my damn money." I love all different types of knives.

Did you post then take down this video? some comments are from 3 weeks ago and claim they managed to order one after seeing this 🤔

Demko is the proven master of new lock systems. I would love to see a full comparison with the AD10. And a production version of this one.
Thanks for this great long vid on a bigger knife!

I love my g10 20cv as well. It's also the largest folding knive I own but it doesn't feel large when operating. It's like shaq in the paint.

You mentioned patterns…the real pattern here is that basically anytime someone makes an unapologetically too-big knife relatively well (I’m thinking all the way back to the original ZT Sinkevich monster), you love it. You’re a size queen masquerading as a #bias for small knives guy. And that’s ok. But the easiest way to earn gem status with you is make an impractically large knife and make it well. Always elicits, I’m so surprised, but I’m in love with this knife.

I have a g10 custom in the mail. It has a higher hollow grind so I think that is a big plus! Cant wait, couple more days!

This knife is hands down my favorite knife that I own. Simply exquisite. If they ever make anymore MG AD15s I’m all over it.

This knife on bearings is like a Jeep Rubicon on race tires. Most owners would probably not notice a difference since most Jeeps go to the store 10000x More often than the trail and most Demkos are idly flicked open and closed 10000x more than they are put too "hard use", but it still runs counter to the entire projected utility of the product.

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