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SOG SEAL XR – Folding Knife Review
The SOG SEAL XR is by far the beefiest and most action/adventure driven folder in the rebooted Studies and Observations Group’s lineup. Featuring a stout, flat-ground S35VN Bowie blade with a flipper and an XR Lock and super-smooth action.

The most jimped knife in modern folder history, the SOG SEAL XR is one grippy tool, in addition to one long continuous run of jimping around the dorsal and pectoral portions of the blade and grip, the GRN handle scales are heavily knurled. This is a very heavy duty knife and I have no doubt — from the fit-&-finish, stoutness of build and ergonomics — that it would make a great military, law enforcement or tactical knife collector knife.

This knife was very generously loaned to me by A Therapeutic Edge. Check out his awesome channel here:

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8 replies on “SOG SEAL XR – Folding Knife Review”

I need this in my life! That Bowie style blade shape has always been my favorite since I was a kid. Great review!🍻👊

The Seal XR is a Fantastic Blade , I bought mine as soon as they hit the market . I'm not a Sog fan but I bought 2 this year (the Terminus is the other) with no regrets. Sog did a Great job with their S35VN, it's some of the Best I've ever used and I've been collecting knives for a long time . I'm also don't like bearings especially on my hard use knives but Sog did it right , with the blade being so thick they were able to bury the bearings deep in the blade , and the liners sit nice and tight to the blade were as you can't even see the bearings, and that makes it harder for dirt and crap to get in there. I also love the grip and jimping on the handle , I have XL hands with fat fingers and the handle fits me perfectly, I love it , if you have small hands you probably won't like it . I'm a Huge Cold Steel Fan and the Recon 1 is one of my all time favorites, I own about 7 or 8 of them and IF this Sog had Washers I would put it right next to the Recon 1 , but it doesn't , maybe Sog will make a Bronze Washered version next year , Are you Listening Sog , but I doubt it , this knife still sits high on my list of hard use knives , it's the Best knife Sog makes imo and I would Highly Recommend It , it's a Fantastic Blade ….👍🛠🖖

I think it’s good looking and nice to see Sogs improvements because honesty I haven’t purchased a Sog in a really long time. There’s just one thing I’m not sure about. The gimping. Is it really necessary to rap the entire handle with it? Thanks BoB!

Nice review, Bob! Have my eye on this one, even after picking up the new XR Pentagon and Tac. Definitely a heavyweight to match my Cold Steel AD-15. True, finger grooves on a knife handle, no matter which one, do constrain the user to particular hand sizes and grips. A single groove for the index finger and smooth the rest of the way is best!

I’ve been wanting to try the Seal XR, I do own the Terminus with the XR lock but one of my Omega Springs has broke in half 😫. I wish these companies that are using this type of lock would use a thicker or better Omega Spring. I have a Houge RSK and it has been a champ with no issues so far, but my Bugout and Terminus has both broke the Omega springs. Anyway just venting 😤, I honestly would still give this one a shot just because of the tactical beefiness of it 😁. Great video 👍 and love the Podcast 🤙 keep up the amazing work and thank you 🙏 for all your doing for the knife community.
🤔 maybe I should just start buying Emerson Knives and not worry about any of this.

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