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RAMBO First Blood Knife Review MC-RB1

A review of the First Blood Rambo Knife MC-RB1 survival knife from the Rambo movie series. This knife was bought on Amazon and overall I am happy with the First Blood survival knife. Thanks for stopping by!

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13 replies on “RAMBO First Blood Knife Review MC-RB1”

If you use this knife for what it is will do the job…
I have even light baton with it..
Not so smart..but i wanted to know the limits of the knife.
This knife is meaning to light tasks.
Dont let you fool by all the YouTube stories.
This knife is very usuble!
Sorry for my bad english..
O yes..and i chopped with it..and it holds very well..
Even the edge retantion is not bad at all.
But..I dont use it on the way i would use my ka bar.. ontario or some of my other knives.
Do you want a extreme good hollow handle?
Take the schrade schf 1.
One piece of 1070 carbon steel..

I love you Johnny but you are so wrong. That is a knock off, james b lile knife Smith made the knives and still does. They run 2500 dollars. What you have is a fake knock off, if you want the real deal check out james lile and spend 2500$

Oh no, I was looking for this information but was hoping not to find it. I wanted a knife, a Rambo knife, not a movie props. 😔 My dreams are shattered. Good video. No buy.

chris offense.we look like were related.reds fan?im a cavs fan in central ohio.👍👍👍👍i just finished making the first blood knife.the hardest part was the hand guard and setting the blade in a hollow handle.epoxy is hidden under the guard still settling.dont know if itll work

Love this knife !! Love all Rambo blades ( check out my vids )….
I actually just subscribed to your channel .
Also I posted “ Gil Hibben Bobble Head show “ the other day .
It’s goofy but all in good fun .
Thanks !!

Go on eBay and search for United Cutlery Rambo knives, and if you're lucky you will find mint condition Part 1 and Part 2 1989 Carolco Pictures licensed Rambo knives. The first official Rambo knife replicas are made in Taiwan, not China. The United Cutlery company produced these knives under close supervision of Jimmy Lile, Gil Hibben, Sylvester Stallone, and Carolco Pictures. Jimmy Lile designed the knives for First Blood Part 1 and 2, while Gil Hibben designed the knives for Part 3 and 4. The actual original handmade knives are thousands of dollars, while the vintage replicas run between 1 and 200 dollars on eBay. Avoid Master Cutlery if you can find mint condition United Cutlery versions.

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