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Xinzuo Nakiri Knife Review (Yarenh) – Chinese VG10 AliExpress

The Xinzuo Nakiri knife is a good knife, however, the rust resistance was not on par with a Japanese VG10 like the Shun or Ryusen Hamano.

To be fair, there is no cuisine that I know that let knives sit for hours in a bucket with water beside the Japanese sushi restaurant that is catered for the western market. The knife did not rust during normal use like doing prep work and at home.

The Findking Nakiri knife that I recommend over the Xinzuo and Yarenh Nakiri Knife can be bought here: (AliExpress)

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Findking manufacturers official Amazon page: (The mentioned Nakiri knife has not been added to their Amazon page).

Official Xinzuo Amazon Store so not a reseller with a better handle from Xinzuo can be bought here (Slightly more expensive than buying from AliExpress but it will be shipped by Amazon):

The Xinzuo knife can be bought here (with a better handle directly from the manufacturer themselves so, not a reseller on AliExpress):

The Yarenh reseller page can be found here:

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In this video:

I review the Xinzuo / Yarenh Nakiri knife. This is an in-depth review after using the knife for a few months in a professional kitchen. Here I will talk about the rust resistance from the core material of the Chinese VG10 (10Cr15CoMov or in short 10Cr).

Beware of scams and fake advertisement while searching for a Chinese knife.

Most advertisers advertise with ”Japanese hammered Damascus VG10 steel”

But after reading further they all state the knife core with 10Cr15CoMov or a different type of core steel which they call the Chinese steel that is comparable with a Japanese VG10 that manufacturers like shun uses.

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4 replies on “Xinzuo Nakiri Knife Review (Yarenh) – Chinese VG10 AliExpress”

I was randomly looking for a cheap knife review and stumbled upon your videos… Very informative, well made and detailed explanations. Please keep the reviews coming! Thank you

Do you have an opinion on the 7" Nakiri from Findking? I'm interested on this AUS10 knife as it could be my first hard steel knife and a companion to a Global G2 which I already have. Thanks in advance

Extra information about the rust resistance, if you have seen the previous 2 videos about Xinzuo / Yahrenh on my channel then you will probably notice the extra note in the comment section.
This steel-type has a decent to good rust resistance. Using it to do prep work and at home did not cause any visible rust. The rust resistance test that I did was at work where we simply put the knives in the bucket with water for 6+ hours until the rush hours are over. I can't imagine anyone using those knives as we do in our Japanese sushi restaurant catered to the western market.

Since it is catered to the western cuisine we have Ebi Maki (Shrimp roll) Chicken Maki (Chicken Katsu in the sushi roll) and we also have panko crispy roll (basically fried panko batter). Those 3 rolls catered to western people for people that want to try sushi but can't get over the hump of eating raw fish.

Since we have those rolls we either use the shared knife from the head chef/ owner of the restaurant. We only use a Shun if it is not our own knife, however, we don't like to use a higher 60+hrc Japanese knife at this maki station.

Shared knives/company knives barely get used. Only the apprentice cooks are using them. So we don't sharpen them. We only sharpen our own personal knife set.

Therefore we prefer Wusthof and Global at this station because of the softer HRC of 58 no chances of chipping and since the steel is softer it is easier to maintain. Because of those 3 sushi rolls higher quality, HRC of 60+ Japanese knives won't be used by any of the chef's especially when we are using our own. We also don't use the High Carbon Japanese steel with HRC of 62+ those knives are not rust-resistance so we simply don't use them at that station.

Our 60+ HRC Japanese knives are mainly used for fish like slicing nigiri slices or sashimi. Even for filleting, we use different knives like the Deba (Some of us prefer the Yanagiba from Global for filleting because of the HRC of 58) our Yanagiba will only be used on the fish filet.

Hope that this clears some questions about this rust resistance test.

I'm still disappointed since they want to sell it as Japanese VG10 but it simply can't match the rust resistance and edge retention of the real Japanese VG10 steel. Therefore I think that they should advertise with Chinese VG10 instead of lying and saying that they sell Japanese VG10 (Mainly for resellers on Amazon, eBay that lies and AliExpress resellers). This will hurt the real Japanese VG10 steel since consumers are thinking that they bought the real VG10 and then complain that they don't like VG10 (which was actually a Chinese VG10).

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