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This pocket knife uses what Pleistocene fossils? QSP Mustang Review. I can't believe it.

The QSP Mustang is an opulent folding lockback knife that uses Rafir stablized wood handles and mammoth molar bolster inlays. The easy answer to the clickbait question in the thumbnail is “Yes.” Fossils do belong in pocket knives. It just makes them more expensive. Check out the review featuring less fancy folding lock backs like the Buck 110 Pro Select LTD Exlusive, and the Cold Steel Broken skull. If this is the first QSP video of mine you are watching, QSP makes budget and fancy knives in China. They are a newer company and their more refined offerings are on par with We or Reate.

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27 replies on “This pocket knife uses what Pleistocene fossils? QSP Mustang Review. I can't believe it.”

I'd get a special feeling of joy as a kid when I'd grab my Transformer action figure & watch the show. I now pull out my Spyderco when watching AKB video's & again get a feeling of joy. Thank you AKB , please keep up the great work ! You're fucking hilarious !!

It’s kind of amusing how many people buy “advanced” knives and then use them mainly for cutting up cardboard boxes.

Sorry Knife Bruh, but that thing is ugly. Must "traditional" also mean a knife must have the design language of an AMC Pacer?

However, I still find you highly entertaining. This town I live in right now ain't got a lot of characters roaming about.

You're like my YouTube Berkeley tech brainiac pal. All my real friends of many a year have pretty boring facebook pages and I ain't a "phone talker" type. For business sure…but phone talkin' for pleasure is fer the women folk.

If you want a folding knife that legitimizes a sheath, maybe save up (A LOT) and have a look at Extrema Ratio knives out of Italy…

A Pete cameo! Now this channel is in the money. Its like I just saw Crocodile Dundee shake hands with John Wayne. Mind blown 😳

1) Because of your videos, I just spent $600 on three pocket knives after going 38 years spending $0 (not counting kitchenware). Thanks.

B) Weight is not a dimension. But heighdth is!

3c) Your channel does suck but it's getting a lot better and I'm not sure how I feel about that?

All the the best!

My brother, I love your content, but the beer vids are my favorite. Know that no matter what the plebs say about your vids about beer, I look forward to these more than any other. Keep at it, we love your work, and ignore the haters.

That film school money wasn't a total waste. Your shot focus and centering is always perfect. Rule of thirds, perfect alignment between transitional hand shots, and seemless edits. Love how you do your vids!

Hey sonny does the you tube computer thingy tell you how many times I rewind because I don’t like wearing my hearing aids?

I don't watch the beer videos because I stopped drinking beer at 30. Started getting my dad's belly. So I switched to Don Julio. Less carbs. Yet still more masculine

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