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EDC Patagonia Stealth Atom Review

This is what I choose as my EDC. This is something that may work for you if you are looking at getting your first bag or changing bags. Again this is just my opinion. I hope this video helps if you are looking at this style of bags.

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i think the word you eluding to is. "discreet". i agree. its why I went with the patagonia. it's very urban.

Good review, man. Just the type of review I was looking for. I've been looking into this bag after I heard it brought up in the Fieldcraft Survival podcast.

Absolutely spectacular in depth review, thank you for taking the time to go over every detail with us. One question though, you sold me on the S'well bottle and I know this is an old video but I was wondering what size bottle it is as it seems to fit so perfect. I'm guessing 17oz but they also have 9 and 25 oz available so just wanted to check with you! Again thanks a lot man.

The little rubber piece, where you have your flashlight, is used to attach fishing accessories…retractors, snips, etc.

Hello, could you tell me the dimensions of the outer fly compartment? I'm wanting to fit a 6" x 8" aLOKSAK with trauma items inside. Thanks in advanced & great video!

Great review of this bag even though i wont be using it for carrying guns my intention was to use it for fishing purposes if i liked the review (which i did) so i will therefore be buying one based on this excellent video.. Also some nice little tips on the water bottle,torch,knife  etc etc…Many thanks for the information on the bag

I also agree to carrying on the body but you could also carry a back up like a glock 26 or even smaller choice would be a kahr pm9 and get like a 511 velcro holster to velcro in the front pocket.

Can you be more specific with you question? are you just wanting the depth? or just the outside dimensions?


Would you mind measuring the packs dimensions?

Patagonia hasn't got the sizes on their website for this bag.

Wondering if certain items from my edc would fit.


Very thoughtful, articulate review. I was looking for a compact and organized sling – as a diaper bag, actually…never knew such a wide world of edc existed before my search began.

I like seeing how and where items might fit into the sling.This was the review that convinced me to get the bag. Thanks!

I'll probably comment more after watching the whole video.  I just wanted to pause and say I agree with everything you said in the first 2 minutes.  Everything I've looked at so far is just military.  I don't want a military look when I take me family to zoos, aquariums, museums and such.  Second, I don't prefer to carry my firearm in a bag.  I like it at my hip.

i asked why you would want to carry around a handgun .. and your answer was basically because i can… pretty ignorant answer .. if you are unable to put together a logical argument for the reason you want to carry around a gun why would i trust you to carry one.

amendment by choosing to carry this bag across their chest with their weapon inside, because wearing it on their hip doesn't quite work out since thier in a wheel chair? Are they idiots???? How many accidental shootings have you heard of that people were shot while carrying a gun in a bag???? this video was posted as an informatiion tool for people who choose to carry concealed. People like you scare they hell out of me, because simple narrow minded people are whats degenerating our society.

Why would I want to carry a gun? Perhaps you live in a "Gun Free Zone? I wonder what the crime rate is in your gun free zone? Perhaps you need to make an appoinment with and Audiologist, because my video clearly states that "I prefer to carry my gun on my persons" but just for demostration I showed a full size weapon would fit inside along with the other items……….I work at a VA Hospital taking care of disabled veterans. I see amputees daily, so what if they want to excercise their 2nd

your an idiot … people down south are crazy … why would you wanna carry around a handgun? scared something is going to happen? lol fuck i feel unsafe that wierdo's that want to carry guns around in the backpack are allowed to.

Good video. I'm very interested in getting this bag and plan to use it as an EDC. Thanks for the in-depth, albeit pretty long, video.

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