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New Knives! We Answer All Your Questions | Knife Banter Live

Zac runs through some new arrivals at Blade HQ while we recover from National Knife Day. Check out our new arrivals here:

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Knives in order of appearance:
0:00 Intro
1:00 Knife Engineering Book:
2:09 Reate Bushido:
3:38 Civivi Mini Bullmastiff:
5:51 Dawson Knives Snakebite:
7:28 MKM Malga:
10:58 WE Knives Mote:
12:19 Case Sway Back:
13:57 Chavez Ultramar Twist Cap Pen:
17:42 We Knives Banter:
19:40 Microtech Combat Troodon:
21:40 AKC F-16:
24:08 Hinderer LP-1:
27:05 CRKT Jumbones:
28:35 Protech Brend 2:
33:06 Civivi Odium:
35:12 Hinderer xm-18:
36:35 Kizer Feist:
38:15 Spartan Blades Damysus:
40:45 QSP Penguin:
42:16 Rockstead Hizen-ZDP:
45:57 Concluding Thoughts

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21 replies on “New Knives! We Answer All Your Questions | Knife Banter Live”

I love you company, I love knives (fixed blade mostly).
I hate the amount excess talking about things while I am waiting to see and hear about the knives.

I’m so happy to be part of this community even if people say I’m a edgy teen you have to admit knives are pretty handy and cool

Sir when are you going to stop printing the specs on paper and use an iPad or something like that? Save the environment. Respect. Great channel.

Hey guys, love blade hq! You guys are awesome! I’m interested in some knives by extrema ratio. I’d love to hear y’all’s opinion and experience with them.

“We must all go through a rite of passage, and it must be physical, it must be painful, and it must leave a mark.”

I think Ben's nkife is perfect s35vn is great steel as it is very reasonable to sharpen all they need to do is make one with a 3.75 to 4 inch blade for people who like a bigger nkife and slightly bigger grip

If you can't get Carhartt to call you back about the flannel, Call Dixxon Flannel Co. Amazing company!

Chavez must be a huge Warhammer 40K fan if he's named a line of stuff Ultramar. Just Hope GW doesn't go after him for it. They're major sticklers for copyright infringement. Think how Disney is with anything that even slightly looks like Mickey (example being when they sued DeadMau5 over his mouse-shaped helmets), only these guys are a bunch of toxic D-bags.

I ordered knifes on National Knife day! When I went on the webpage to update my payment the screen went blank! After that I cannot get on the web page! I have been trying since Friday! They said they changed web hosts! I sent email to BHQ> they said they told the

IT guys! Did not hear back from them yet! Received an email that my order is canceled! This is bullshit>

The stupidity of a corkscrew on a pocket knife cannot be overstated.

On a separate note, we knives are from China. China just killed about 150,000 of us. I'll get another zt 😊

Kids first knives are definitely a rite of passage for a lil Boy. My 5 year old and I built a wooden slipjoint pocket knife kit. Then I gave him a Victorinox Swiss Army knife. He now has upgraded to a Guardian Tactical GTX-025 and has a Blue Civivi Odium on the way this week. He is responsible and safe with his knives, because he was shown and taught to respect the Blade! That said not every 5 yr old is capable of understanding the functions and Dangers involved. He loves shredding paper showing me how Sharp his knife is…lol

I’m in Beaumont Texas and I work for the City of Port Neches so we have to stay cause as soon as it’s over we have to start cleaning the roads and stuff. But I love Blade Hq and watch all of the videos. Everyone at work says I’m addicted to knives, there not wrong lol! Waiting for my Kalashnikov to come in🤘🏽

OTF knives are super practical for EDC and 99% of most daily pocket knife tasks. There are budget options, and high end options for OTF knives, however the mid $$ Range is severely Lacking in selections!! And I am talking that $125 to $225 price range. There should be some quality in there but it goes from crap, then at $250 suddenly Amazing OTF knives

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