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Kubey KB245 Raven EDC Flipper – Unboxing & Review

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16 replies on “Kubey KB245 Raven EDC Flipper – Unboxing & Review”

Anything much higher than 1.5% is getting too brittle. Another way it is referenced is point: 1% is 100 point steel etc. 1095 is 0.95%

If you want to see a LOT of resin handle material; Jantz knife supply. And no I don't shill for them, I just like to look through their catalogue.
Edit I put in that but about "shill" before doc mentioned that guy lol

Come on you slackers 124 views and only 15 likes and 1 hater. Yall can do better than that so hit the like button sub if you have not yet. This is another awesome knife and cant wait for you to get back into fixed blades.

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