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The WE Knives Banter Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a knife that may not be the first choice among the snobbiest of knife snobs, but would be a great choice for a lot of folks: the WE Banter, designed by Ben Peterson (“What iiiiiis upguys?”) formerly of BladeHQ.

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Nick, I think you missed the about the Banter. If you are the kind of person who likes really clean lines, like Ray Laconico designs, this is a very attractive gents knife.

As a knife nerd, sometimes simple is great. I like this knife for it's usability and simplicity.
More and more knives these days look like mall-ninja or flea market knives. Case in point…the Canis. Looks like something I would have thought looked cool or rad when I was 9 or 10 years old.
But that's just me…and I'm no muggle when it comes to pocket knives.

I just love this knife… No joke about it! And that is coming from a person that owns ZT 0566 and Isham Blade Works Abstruse…

The reasons in which Nick described as being too average to draw attention to it as a knife geek is exactly why I was drawn to it as a knife geek. It’s sleek, plain, rather symmetrical design is why I love it so much. Nothing too bold or distracting.

One thing Nick didn’t mention is that this knife doesn’t feel that great to open slowly. It either flies out smoothly or you risk cutting yourself opening it slowly because of how smooth the action is. There’s like little very little wiggle room to get the action just right for slow deployment.

I really like the Double helix from We Knife, but I can't decide myself to spend so much money for a chinese knife… and Spyderco takes all my money… so …

Leave it to nick to give my exact thoughts on this knife! Every other reviewer I seen push the reviews out of this knife as soon as they opened the box! I didn’t get one when they dropped the first time and I probably won’t now when they drop at other dealers. Not bc it’s not a good knife but bc as a knife guy it’s not a good knife for me… awesome review nick 👏👌

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