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Knife review: Marttiini 350010 Full Tang: sturdy scandinavian

The Finnish company Marttiini is especially known for their great filleting knives and for several classic scandinavian fixed blades. Even the modern ones with synthetic handles are inline with the scandinavian tradition. Now they branch out by offering the extremely sturdy 350010 full tang knife, that should please many survivalists!

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Is it sturdy enough to baton and do heavy tasks? And how good is the edge retention? Thanks for the review

All my J. Marttini knives (5) are Rapala Products. Great Fillet Knives. I've used them for 50+ years! I still have my 1st one.

@zanuha they just made a better sheath, i bought before yesterday in Pori Finland the same knife with a much better sheath…

@TheValineurheilija I use my knives only for cutting. This one is sturdy enough for chopping, but the relatively soft 420 steel may then bend a bit at the edge. The Take is nice for the money, yet your Fallkniven S1 should perform on a higher level. The Peltonen military style puuko is totally awesome in my opinion (I don't have one, but I examined it once in a shop).

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