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EnZo Necker 70 Knife Review

I review the EnZo Necker 70 an EDC, bushcraft, camp neck knife made in Finland. I gut a fish and bushcraft next to the beach.

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Mort de rire, qu’est-ce qu’il ne faut pas faire pour jouer au trappeur sans avoir l’air d’y toucher… se faire chier à bâtonner avec sept cm de lame… pourquoi pas, tant qu’on y est, le faire à la mac gyver et utiliser un couteau Suisse multilame, de préférence la version scout pré-adolescent avec lame de 4cm et ciseaux..???!!!

This is what i call a well planned knife. Enzo knives all seem well thought out in design and materials and amazing build quality that makes mora look like mtech. Im tempted to get a couple of the neckers

Fish can be tough. Nice little knife. I would carry it full time. Nice little campfire. Thank you for the knife review, Gabe.

hey do you have any plants/trees that you think that would be good to grow in Cali specifically in southern cali (LA)?

i want to grow more fruit trees in my front yard but i'm not entirely sure what to get. also will vanilla vines grow well in southern cali ?

I have the green scandi one with a kydex sheath. The sheath has no retention and the grind is uneven. I advice against buying one.

Nice review , I too have an Enzo necker , great little blades, mines a flat grind though , I also have the Enzo Elver in scandi grind ,Trapper in scandi and Camper they're all awesome bush blades ! You might check out DLT Trading , that's where I purchased all of my Enzo's from they have descent pricing & fast shipping !

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