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Buck Spitfire Knife Review

Does it spit fire?

Pros: Design, deployment, looks
Cons: loose lockup

Blade Material: 420HC
Blade Length: 3.25in.
Weight: 3.2oz
Handle Material: Aluminum

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Just got one the other day and it is nice but the blade is really thin and I fear that it will break or chip. My favorite cheap knife by far is the Gerber Paraframe serrated.

had this knife for 2 years and I have no complaints for a 40 dollar knife. upgraded to a Benchmade Freek 2 days ago.

Tough folders are very expensive. And inexpensive folders are not tough. I will never comprehend why people keep buying folders. For the same price as this Spitfire one can get a small fixed blade (for example Cold Steel Spike or Schrade Sharpfinger) and they're much tougher.

all my buck knives that are lockback close on me except my 110. spitfire, bantam etc all shit quality.

Want to love this knife, but 3 years since your review here and they've still (I can report) got some really annoying lock-up play. The side-to-side can be adjusted out, but that up-down doesn't go anywhere which really bugs the hell out of me. Got a replacement on the way already – if it's as bad or worse this is a no-go for me, which sucks because otherwise this could be a favorite, I can tell immediately after just EDCing it for 2 days.

mine is fine since it came out, i have the partially serrated version and it has been 2 years. I have done things to this knife that you would second guess with a kershaw knife that cost 50 bucks off of amazon… i love the fact that i can choke up on this knife and do fine work, there is a finger cut out right before the blade that i have yet to see with knives that cost much more. So 2 years in and still good to go also rather hard use 🙂

Great and simple EDC knife. I found it to be very affordable, and I was impressed by how sharp it was out of the box. Aesthetically pleasing as you stated it could be worn to work with some docker brand pants but as a hunter and a former Marine, something I'd have as an EDC. It is certainly a great knife. Great review brother!

You can tighten up the pivot screw and it will tighten that play right up in the blade. It won't however remove all of the up and down. I still get a slight bit there. Side to side on mine is now rock solid. I think this is a great knife all in all, yes, there are better but for a knife in this price range and made in the USA (Only a few miles from me =)) it's a fine choice. Thanks for the review, I really enjoyed it.

yea just saw this today at Academy for $36 so not bad but i'm not going to get it lol i still love my Vantage 345 $20 awesome

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