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BCB International Mountain Survival Kit

Today we check out the BCB International Mountain Survival Kit, and we make it a little better. I picked this up in 2019 for about $40 US at Camping World. Enjoy!
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These small kits are such a waste. Anyone relying on a pocket survival kit is in deep crap. Go with the 5 C’s on simple but serious gear.

Hey Eric…another great video review! Looking forward to the Henry Survival Kit review! Hope it’s soon! A few words on the BCB Mountain kit…like others have commented, I would dump the condoms for a Whirl Pak water bag, also the sewing kit, and the wire saw(wire saws, in my experience, usually break quickly). I would add a SAK, like the hiker(great saw and other tools). I would replace the candle with more tinder, like Tinder Quik, and add better quality cordage. The FAK is good, but I would add a dose of Benadryl, better quality bandaids, and a pack of steri strips. Your additions are spot on, as usual. Just my thoughts. Awesome channel and reviews. Keep them coming and thanks!

I love survival kits and i also backpack a lot but this is just dead weight at the bottom of your pack. The real winners in this whole thing are the people selling you crappy survival kits.

Nice! The repacked version is excellent- a bit more cordage and you'd be good to go. Personally I'd ditch the useless sewing kit and the condoms and add a Whirl-Pak pag or two. Otherwise not bad at all.

You should review a thru hiker survival kit! I think I saw one at the store earlier, it said β€œAdvil” on the side.

Actually you are like the only channel I look if there is any new content. Love your videos and specially love the way how positive you review and comments the single items. Even if it is some cheap knock off, you still find words like better than nothing or always good to have that.
You do an excellent job and I hope you will never run out of stuff to show.
I am even going to buy that Polymath kit and upgrade it like you did (mostly because it can be bought here on Amazon Germany).
Thank you very much for your work.

What am I missing?
Except for different kind of bandaids, it has the same contents as the military kit.
I like the tin though. And your add-ons are a great idea.

The ranger band and space blanket – perfect, maybe the 1 liter water bag. I just bought the 1 liter bags for several kits. Great job!

Hi Eric, really enjoy your survival kit reviews…have most of them in my collection too! I especially like your ideas for additions to the kits. πŸ˜€. A couple ideas for kits you may want to review are the Henry Survival kit, Tacoma Mountain Rescue survival kit (vintage), and the SOLKOA kits. EBay is your friend. πŸ˜€.

Maybe you should review super super cheap kits. I know there's a Equate first aid kit in Walmart for $5 and it comes with a bunch of stuff. Maybe review more budget friendly kits and give your honest opinion on them. :))

Great video and additions! Depending on season, I might add one or two small packets of picardin to help repel biting insects. Might have to drop something though. Is it possible to replace the condoms with a whirl pack (or two)? If those condoms are latex, somebody with an allergy could get into some real trouble.

it is a good kit but of course there are a couple of things that are not necessary to have.
but it will help when you need the most.
good luck for the next survival kit.

As it stands this kit is quite good in comparison to some others you've reviewed. Obviously they all benefit from your upgrades but without them it is still a moderately good set up. Like the fact you have an actual knife included (pity it is serrated though), this is always a plus to me.

I appreciate all the kit reviews but to me all they do is prove that most of the components are sub-par. I feel you are far better off building
your own kit and choosing superior items Let's be realistic these kit manufacturers are trying to make a profit and they can't possibly put together a kit with all quality items. It would be too expensive for the average buyer, that's why I choose to make my own.

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