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Cold Steel Tokyo Spike Knife Review: Lightweight Defense

Pros: lightweight, sheath
Cons: low quality steel

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lol " give it to your daughter and let her run around the house" yeh maybe after that she can do some sweet jumps of that siiick thumb ramp.

Tie a simple slip knot at each end of a piece of paracord, back onto its self…
. The knots will slip and you can adjust the length of the neck para cord for the knife to ride high or low, by just pulling the knots apart. .
Wear mine like that 24/7….it never loosens or moves.

A knife like this, is a priority changer.
A bad dude comes at you to rob or hurt you.
His priority is relieving you of your property or your life.
BUT when you stick "The Tokyo Spike" between his 3 & 4 rib, his priority INSTANTLY changes to, Getting to the nearest hospital ER.
This aint ya papaws, tooth pick maker, its for STABBING !
Thanks Stay SAFE and stay SHARP brothers & sisters!
This old Army Scouts OUT!

they shouldnt have put that grind on the back since they didn't intend to put an edge I might like it more if I knew its purpose but its just for Aesthetics it seems. Great knife I wouldn't recommend giving it to a child unless they know the safety precautions of knives because it is very sharp an can do some series damage.

Nice review! I received mine the other day but have not had much chance to use it. The ONLY thing I don't like is the chain due to its stiffness which cause it (the chain) to arc outward thus making it more noticeable under a shirt

Im kinda impressed with 4116 stainless. Its used on the finnn bear which I think is the best value utility bkade period and its really good in the kitchen. Im trained as a chen and while nothing replaces a good forged carbon blade. 4116 works really well and im not afraid of someone stealimg it

Good overview.
A few questions:
With it being full tang,is the thumb ramp also steel stock or is the handle molded over it?
(Wasnt quite able to make that out.)
Have you handled the drop point?
Id much prefer a non-swedge blade and would like to know if it is also a scandi grind.

Mrs GT got her hair done. Looks nice. Y wife trained me to notice that kind of stuff. :). Nice review too.

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