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8 EDC Titanium Pocket Tools by Big Idea Design | Everyday Carry

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– Titanium Pocket Tool
– TPT Slide
– TPT Safe-Carry Inserts
– Bit Bar
– Ti EDC Wrench
– Titanium Lanyard Beads
– Titanium Pocket Bit

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29 replies on “8 EDC Titanium Pocket Tools by Big Idea Design | Everyday Carry”

Interesting tools, thx. I was interested in your comment about putting together so much IKEA furniture. I'm 70 years old and, while I lived most of my life before anyone ever thought of IKEA, there certainly were plenty of places to buy cheaply put together new furniture. I decided long ago not to participate in that, and instead bought inexpensive vintage and/or outright antique furniture that did not require assembly, or furniture that may have been slightly worn/damaged from use but could easily be brought back to completely functional condition. This furniture was relatively easy to find, was actually fun to locate and shop for, and in the end gave me furniture that was made of solid very high quality material with architectural appeal and thus real value that increased over time. As a result, I now have a serious investment in furniture that is solid cherry, walnut, birdseye maple, oak, etc, and there isn't a piece of veneer or particle board in the whole lot. This was an extremely wise decision on many levels. I have made money re-selling many such pieces, and it is still possible with a little looking around to do the same thing today. Or…..a person could go to IKEA and not get half what they paid for the furniture at a garage sale the next day. πŸ˜‰

That sucks that the TPT slide only has a two notch opening. I just purchased mine three days ago, would have got the cheaper two hand opening one had i have seen this video before your other one..

They look cool and seem practical, but for me they are just way to pricey, I mean a 100$ for a pen? It's not something I would spend that much money on

Looking for the new EDC video before I lose signal for several hours. Nothing yet, darn it!
I'll check back when I'm in the land of LTE. Hope all is well, Taylor!

I love the Frixion ink, but you should be aware of how the ink can disappear in the heat of a hot car interior in the summer and reappear in some of the coldest conditions.

Please stop with every video having something to do with big idea design. I completely understand they are a sponsor but it’s just annoying……

Go to 13:59
Turn video to .25 playback speed
Literally as he says its never happened he does it!
Not sure how he didn't slice his finger open

I love your thoroughness but your videos are kinda long so I just watch them all at 2x speed & cut the time in half πŸ™‚ keep it up Taylor!

No more tools. I bought too many knives in recent history and a Glock 19 Gen4 lol… you're really giving me bad ideas here dude 😜
Looking forward to the new EDC weekly and this is my holdover πŸ˜‚

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