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Survival Kit Review: Part 6 Food (Wilderness Survival skills)

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@ZXAnimal I was commenting on the wilderness survival kit described in this vid not SHTF in which I may have real fishing gear if appropriate but trapping fish would be my preferred method. Catch a big one and thanks for commenting!

@cyclist01222 and everyone who is lost in the wilderness is always lost for 1 or 2 days? if the shit hit's the fan and you're stuck for 3 weeks you'll be glad of any chance to catch something to eat

What is it with fishing gear in survival kits? If I'm lost and have to spend a night or even two in the woods, the last thing I'm gonna do is go fishing… I'll wait til I get back home and grab my rod and reel. Again, maybe in my primary carry but not my little kit. I see the survival saw there again… that'll work!

Hunting and fishing need practising, don't hesitate to test your stuff to be familiar with in case of.
I'll add some 2 or 3 fake worms (birds, fishing…) and 1 lure.

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