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Nitecore TIP SE 700lm Keychain EDC Flashlight – Unboxing & Review

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12 replies on “Nitecore TIP SE 700lm Keychain EDC Flashlight – Unboxing & Review”

Nice review, I'll be picking one up as soon it is in country.

Would you consider checking out the NPL20? I would love a review on that light.

I bought a nitecore mh10v2 that has a type c. Same on my wifes which is a different but similar model. Idk if youve done a review of the mh10v2 but i would suggest it.

I don't want to spend that much money on a light which will die in a few years when the battery expires and cannot be easily replaced. Thanks for the video.

Good review 👍. Just curious on the subscription box's you will be sticking to now? My only complaint is that it is only usb charging. I prefer removable batteries.

USB-C best advance – I don't need to roll it around for the right position of that …king hole! It does not care, just stick it in <o)

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