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2012 "THE ARK" Personal Survival And Emergency Kit Review


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2012 “THE ARK” Personal Survival And Emergency Kit Review

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20 replies on “2012 "THE ARK" Personal Survival And Emergency Kit Review”

Did you buy this new? It should not have been sold with outdated food. The outside of the box should be dated.

Super review — I did not know
these existed. I wouldn’t mind
having a few on hand. Might
be a good item to have when
driving in mountains in winter
or for a quick Go Kit.

3.55 not so sure if these are the highest quality….the only way those matchs are waterproof is if they never touch water and never wet before striking

Ballpark estimate: 48 hour kit? But hey, it sure beats “zero hour kit” which most people would have…. it’ll be better than nothing i guess

Why would you hunt deer with hand warmers? I’m sure there are more humane ways to kill a deer. Smh.

i can understand having smaller rationing packages of water but a small 50ml pet bottle with a jar type opening/lid with pressure safety seal would be better since you can reuse it. and these days you expect a water filter

There is nothing wrong with deer hunting as long as you used to meet for food and not for pleasure of the hunt

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