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Gun Review: Glock 43 vs Sig Sauer P365 in EDC battle

Among choices for concealed carry pistols, the Glock 43 has been one of the most popular since its 2015 release. How does it stack up against the newly-released Sig Sauer P365 — a very similar EDC with a 10-round magazine? finds out. For the full article visit:

12 replies on “Gun Review: Glock 43 vs Sig Sauer P365 in EDC battle”

Boooo!!!! Glock 43 kicks the 365’s butt. The Sig 365 has reliability issues. Like bad firing pins, feed problems, an rail issues. The G43 has none of this problems. The G43 has floorplates which give it a 8 + 1 capacity. ETS has 12 mags for the G43.

I own both, but since getting my Sig my Glock has not seen the light of day. Plus my Sig is tricked out with 12 round mags and a laser.

Picked up the 365 NRA and blown away dig the Trigger ,Sights and feel picked up a 15 rounder as well This Sig is very accurate out of the box👍🇺🇸🍻🤜🏻

But the glock will almost certainly shoot; the sig might shoot. Reliability in number one, not capacity.

How bias can you be on those two guns like Glock is really going to do a scientific test to see if you use +p on it…

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