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SOL Origin Survival Kit

SOL – Survive Oudoors Longer – Origin Survival Kit Review.

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Hey Eric…enjoyed this video! Just bought four of these and made the additions you suggested, plus a couple of my own. I also changed the batteries for the LED light. HUGE difference! I added a small ferro rod to each kit I purchased from Wazoo survival gear, a trick candle, a six inch strip of orange duct tape, (Survival Resources) and 10 feet of Kevlar cordage from Gearward to round it out. It all fit nicely without compromising the water resistance. Had a blast making the changes to the kits. Giving them away as gifts to family and friends. I look forward to your videos. Keep them coming! Great job! Thanks!

I like that you do these videos. One, because it gives us ideas on building your own small kit (with good quality gear ) and two, because it shows what cheap crap companies are putting in their kits!

I've been in search and rescues and the biggest thing I've seen is that people wander off without water or warm clothes, etc. Once they can protect themselves from the elements and get water, they need to be able to signal for help. Whistles, mirrors, flashlights, and such would be extremely helpful. Being able to make a smokey fire would pin point their location. There is a risk of starting a wildfire, though. Maybe a smoke bomb would be good. Or let people know where they going and carry an FRS radio let folks know which channel they'll use.

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