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Victorinox SwissTool Mulitool Knife Review vs Leatherman and Swiss Army Knife

If you’re familiar with the Swiss Army Knife and Leatherman Tools, then you know that Victorinox makes a full-sized pliers-based multitool called the SwissTool. In this review I compare the SwissTool to the Leatherman Surge, the Wave, the Supertool 300, and the SAK Champ. I describe the functionality of tools and give my thoughts on whether I prefer Leatherman or Victorinox multitools. To support my channel buy stuff through my links below.
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14 replies on “Victorinox SwissTool Mulitool Knife Review vs Leatherman and Swiss Army Knife”

Thanks for posting all of the awesome and honest multi tool review videos – I watched them all, and read all of the comments (that took me a while!), and it helped me finally decide to get the black/silver Wave+ (rather than a Rebar, Charge, or one of the Victorinox multitools), as a gift for my friend, who might get a job either with the Coast Guard or a commercial sailing vessel. Now, I just have to decide which multitool I want to get for myself (it is between the Wave+, Surge, and Charge / Charge TTI), since I think it would be handy to have a versatile multitool on hand / in my toolbox, etc. to use around the house, in my car, on camping trips, etc. Maybe you could do a comparison video and highlight some more of the differences between those three/four? I know you prefer the Wave+, but it would be nice to see a really comprehensive, in-depth, side by side comparison/discussion of what seem to be some of the best of the Leathermans, and get some additional thoughts and recommendations.

i cary a SwissTool RS in my belt for14 years now and have served me very well, outdoors and urban, built as a tank, no wear, no malfunctions, very happy with it. Bought two more for my daughter and my grandson.

You mean the old Victorinox patent Wenger copied that LEATHERrMAN copied? The can/bottle opener is a Victorinox Patent that they stopped using back in the 1950s, when they switch to their current design that cuts away from user, doesn't pry jagged lid towards working hands and functions as a pot hook/scraper/small flat head and functional phillips head driver and allows for better recycling.
Victorinox are pretty crazy recyclers from the steel, alox even the cellidor (organic plastic) they use – like the 'Patagonia' equivalent for knives only been doing much more for longer not that pratts care!

I have got a swisstool from 1996. And i use it all the time. I can said than nothing is broken, even if i have made many many things with it.
I recommand it to the people who whant to have a tool who is not a bullshit.

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