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Victorinox Cybertool 29 Swiss Army Knife Review


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The cybertool is very underrated in my opinion. This is so handy for fixing things around the house. If you glue in a neodymium magnet like this:

then you can also fit other bits from non victorinox brand.

I use this set: and thanks to the magnet they stay fit.

The original victorinox bits are overpriced and they don't have much choice.

I wish more small-mid size SAKs had the corkscrew AND a good Phillips head screwdriver, this is pretty much the only one that does these days, unfortunately. Most have one or the other, unless they’re huge.

This comment doesn't really have to do with this video but where is the best place to get plus scales for replacing scales?

Wouldn't the 29 be enough of a paper weight of your keys? Why are you using the Lite instead, it must be because of another attachment it has over the 29??

This knife is for very specific people. The drivers are specifically chosen for electronics work. I use a Cybertool for work reasons, but for EDC, my Deluxe Tinker is similar in size, but more more useful outside of situations where specialty screwdrivers such as Torx are needed. If you need this knife for EDC, you NEED this knife. Nothing will substitute. But if you don't need it…you'll never use what separates it from any 2-layer SAK. This is a very specific product for very specific people.

My favorite EDC SAK is the Climber. I think the Cybertool 29 is great but I personally miss the scissors

Note that it has a bottle opener and a can opener. The one on the right will open a tin soup can for example. While it doesn't have the scissor and pliers of the bigger cybertool I can carry this one in my pocket, although it is more often in my backpack outer pocket.

The only thing I'd really change is the pen. I'd rather have it be retractable like some of the others Swiss army knives.

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