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The Monterey Bay Knive VLD Pocketknife: A Classic Mild Mannered Review

I have been more conflicted over this particular knife than any I have had in my pocket for some time. It has some really good features and some real misses.

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MBK VLD Pocketknife:

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9 replies on “The Monterey Bay Knive VLD Pocketknife: A Classic Mild Mannered Review”

Good review Brad. The design looks great, it's a shame it wasn't executed properly. I hope MBK corrects these issues going forward.

Too many issues for a $200 knife to have. I would hope that MBK would take this knife back and either send a new one without these issues or fix this one and return it. Contact MBK and see what their response is then please let us know in a follow up video.

I love the design. Just from what I've heard, the finishing isnt very well done. But price isn't too bad I think.

Great review! Really nice looking knife. Would have been out of 200 bucks if it weren’t for your review. Thanks.

i had to mute my phone for the first 17 seconds😂
but other than that: a great review as always, really enjoyed it!

Lovely looking knife which would normally make it onto my list but I'm afraid that lockstick just puts me off buying it. You would of thought that for $200 they would of sorted something as simple as that out. What a massive letdown.

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