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GEC #33 Conductor Review: A Simply Great Pocket Knife!

Here’s the link to the Great Eastern Cutlery website:

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Love the few GECs I have. I did just order my first Barlow though its a Boker from their castle series. 900 year old castle wood, 60-61hrc 01 steel with a beautiful acid or patina stonewashed blade, I couldn't resist. Wish more slipjoints used O1, I love my GEC 71 Bull nose with it so seeing a Barlow with that steel I just had to get it.

Love traditional knives and traditional manufacturing. While I am glad business and demand is expanding for GEC and they are able to make advances in manufacturing it does make me a little sad that things move to CNC grinding and the old time machines get less use. One more traditional aspect of manufacturing goes by the wayside. Still beautiful knives.

Great score Rob! This version is gorgeous, and my favorite of the entire run for this pattern this year. Love the covers & that new shield. New for GEC anyway. Believe it or not, they produced around 500 of this exact knife with the autumn gold jigged bone & that new shield, if I'm not mistaken. Seeing as they're already gone, it goes to show just how popular GEC has gotten, and yes, this is a classic old swell center pattern that is popular as well. One of the few patterns I never managed to own by GEC. Got a few by Case from their dot era, a re-issue Winchester, and a Queen/S&M whittler version in mammoth. But you KNOW they aren't as nice as any of the GEC versions. Not even close!

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