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Ultra Light EDC? | BulArmory SAS II UL Review

This week on TGC Reviews, Jon Patton and Genevieve Jones check out the Bull Armory SAS II Ultra Light!

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26 replies on “Ultra Light EDC? | BulArmory SAS II UL Review”

I think as with all micro or very small handguns there will be trade offs in comfort, shoot ability, and ease of carry and if you carry it then you are already ahead of the curve

Not paying that much for a little gun no way, it would be hard to control to small for 9MM. 🖓🖓👎👎

Thank is a sexy piece of hardware. Just more than I care to spend on an edc. It would hurt my heart to have to let the police hold it for me.

I like this little pistol 🔫 but not so much the price. 1050. I’m good with. But I could tell it would be SUPER SNAPPY even before you said anything. I bet if you could run like 38 in it. It would be so sweet shooting. Lol just made more for raccoons & squirrels. Not so much big 150-200lb humans

I think throwing an optic on it, as well as a stiffer recoil spring, might really dial back the snappyness. Personally I’d throw in a tungsten guide rod and a weapon light to give it a bit more front end weight. Sadly I won’t be spend $1k+ on a handgun anytime soon.

Polymer, aluminum, and weight-reduction to boot? .might make for a good carry gun, but it's going to be uncomfortable to shoot often.

I know this is random but I got to shoot a German Luger made in 1916. It was so nice to shoot! Very little recoil!!

I like it, but would love to handle or possibly shoot one, first. I put the brakes on picking up a Staccato once TS & some other channels started putting out videos on this one. Time will tell.

Ditch the iron sights, optic cut only, stiffer recoil spring and lose the extended beaver tail and mag release. This gun has more of an identity crisis than guchi Glocks, It's like it can't decide if it's going to be a competition gun or a carry gun

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