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The A.G. Russell Funny Folder Pocketknife: A Quick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a funny little folding knife from A.G. Russell, the A.G. Russell Titanium Funny Folder.

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G'day Nick, not a design I've seen before, interesting enough. Needs closer tolerances to eliminate the blade play, especially for 50 clams. I do wonder "just why" though; with two pivot points it's twice as complex as a folding knife needs to be. Cheers Duke.

I had a similar knife back in the 80's. Still have it, just can't remember where in the house I put it. I can't remember who made it back then, but had to add it to my weird knife collection.

To show the edge or spine of the blade, add jimping on the spine side handle. I've had a double edge similar design.

Cool! I think the price is about right. Bringing it into the $20 to $30 range is the stainless steel frame with 440 blade.

Jesse James did a version of this. I would’ve purchased it but I don’t want to give him my money. Nobody breaks Sandy B’s heart and gets away with it.

I have a British version of this, I’ve owned for almost 40 years. It’s a Watson, from Sheffield England.

Seems like a missed opportunity for this knife to have a double-edged blade. This opening mechanism seems perfectly safe for it and an indicator for which direction the edge was facing wouldn't be necessary, then.

I made a larger version of this design about 25 years ago. Not sure how old this layout is, but it's no spring chicken. Not very indexable without some file work on one side. 👍

Just got into the game this year. As a surgeon you'd think I should have a knife on me!

But man is this addicting! Your videos have been extremely helpful and love your commentary. My Dad has seem me with them and wanted one… just bought him para 3 LW. Now my own mother thinks knives are cool and doesn't want to be left out! Got her a mini griptilian… in pink bc she's bougie like that. Anyway your channel in the last few months has quickly become one of my favorites. Thank you for doing what you do for all of us!

Oh and if you ever have the thought to do a video on your top 10 flipper knives… maybe ranging some different price points… that would be a beautiful thing.


I have a VERY similar knife I've had since the 80's, yet it's smaller and NOT titanium. 1st knife I cut myself open with at the ripe age of 8

Very interesting thing, for sure. Great that you bring stuff like this to your channel, things I would never have known even existed and that's a beautiful thing!

Atropos Knives has several designs very close to this. Russian maker, mostly makes balisongs, but his "transformer" knives like this one are really beautiful.

If it were stainless steel (instead of titanium) and $20, I'd order one right now.
My little Altoids tin knife is a Case mini copperlock, though. About the same size as this, but…Locks and is likely much more comfortable to use.

These have actually been around for a while. I have one that belonged to my grandfather- it's branded for advertising and has to be at least 40 or so years old at this point.

The cut flexing open on your finger is gross😋. I did not expect to see the the inside of you today. I use super glue on my small cuts.

It looks like this could be a marketing gadget that is a level above the faux leather calendars and nicer ballpens.

I bought one about 3 years ago and have to admit that you have opened and closed the one in your video more times than I have in 3 years.

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