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Damned Designs Paracord Beads and EDC Showcase / Review

Damn These Are Some Fine Paracord Compatible Goods!
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Hey Weavers, in this episode we will be looking at some really cool paracord beads and EDC tools that are paracord compatible from Damned Designs. They make high quality goods that are very well designed and finished. I hope you all enjoy this little showcase / show and tell! Full disclaimer, these items were sent to me for review and showcase, but no monetary gain was received for this video.

0:00 Intro
0:44 Monsuta / UFO Beads
2:16 Talon Pry Bar
3:25 Tag Pocket Tool
4:11 Pound / Gram Cigar Holders
5:29 Beacon Tritium Lantern
6:40 Shield Hygiene Tool

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Oh! Really like the Beacon as well as the beads! Very nice line up of new products – very useful.

Awesome edc gear! How can I qualify for a giveaway? I'd love to win some is these. I've also used plenty of your tutorials to make so many bracelets and lanyards. My wife had alsojoined new on your tutorials to make some as well. This is an awesome video old edc gear! I hope damned has helped you in some way shape or form.

have you got video on how to do a Dogs lead? I would like to do one for my brothers Bull terrier.

I've been looking for retro gaming themed beads. I've started making some retro/arcade inspired goodies and really would like to expand upon that line.

I’m trying to start my first cobra wrap on a metal handle for a yeti lid. Any advice on how to start the wrap?

Love the edc videos, as well as everything else.
Any suggestions where to get the tritium? Other than amazon(2-3 month wait).
To the people complaining about prices, the beads are priced “completely reasonable” for what they are, titanium and stainless are hard to machine and I’m sure are in small batch runs, which takes time.

I like your how you showed your tools and they all look like they can and will work.
I'm really not worried about winning any thing but i just like the weaving of the para cord and I'm still trying to get some para cord money is tite but i still like looking how to up together the weaving.
But thanks and be cool and peace.

Thanks for the great video. You talked about skill toys in your pockets. What are they? What are your favorite skill toys? Thanks! Cheers

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