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The Civivi Chronic Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a knife that’s pretty damned solid for the price, the Civivi Chronic.

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Nick, please, please, review the "Core" by B'yondEDC. I would appreciate the criticism a thousand fold. Thank you.

Where was my “hey” Nick! I need my “hey” to start off a video right. Disappointment? Immeasurable. Day? Ruined. Hotel? Trivago.

Civivi does a really nice job with their 9Cr18Mov. It's on par with a lot of 14C28N I've had in the past. I honestly prefer it to their D2 since I live in a humid environment. For comparison, I have both this and the Exarch in D2. I use and carry the Chronic with abandon. It's been fine. I'm careful with the Exarch and I still ended up with a couple of rust spots.

Big problem with the Exarch (and a lot of Civivi's lineup) is that it is not offered in a stainless steel. So I'm willing to sacrifice the front-flipper for stainless (Or would be, if it were actually available anywhere right now). Really wish Civivi would start offering 9cr versions of all of their D2 knives.

This knife looks very very stabby!! I shall buy one and make Absolutely Sure …… it stabs very well!!!
THANK YOU!!!!!… for reading this!!!!

Regarding the clip point, gentleman like to be manly too. It's in the freaking NAME, for crying out loud!

Love my Civivi Baklash that I got, big surprise, based on your review. This one though really does look cheaper, like more in keeping with Ruike's lineup of budget knives.

I've had a Civivi Chronic in my pocket almost exclusively for 5 weeks now. It's almost perfect for me, in a general edc role.
Good review as always Nick

Random number generator reminds me of Mozart’s Musical Dice Game. He wrote several sets of first bars, second bars, etc., and you roll dice to see which ones are played in each position.

I have the chronic in the Damascus version and it is far nicer to look at then the regular d2 blades. I black stone wash would be nice as well

I think the biggest thing that turns me of is that rounded belly through out the entire knife. Maybe it’s the camera angle, but there’s no flat so it feels a bit distasteful to me. Had they kept the grind completely straight until the small belly up front, then I would’ve loved it more.

Thank you Nick for another great review. I would love to hear your thoughts on the new "Halfbreed Blades Large Bush Folder" think that could be a fun video 🙂

I like the review much better than the knife, they could have used d2 at least and it’s a little chubby, but is that a bad thing I’ll have to ask my wife.

Ok 👌 Got my —SHAAAAABAZZZZ—fix for the weekend ! I had the Chronic and the Shredder in the watch list a couple of weeks ago and pulled the trigger on the Shredder but after this review the Chronic is in near future …Thanks Nick !

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