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SwingBlade Knife Review by Outdoor Edge

The SwingBlade is two blades in one. Push the lock button and the SwingBlade changes from skinning knife to the ultimate gutting blade. Cuts beneath the skin to open game like a zipper. The AUS-8 stainless steel blade offers excellent edge retention and rubberized Kraton handles ensure a positive, non-slip grip. The SwingBlade comes complete with a quality nylon belt sheath and is lifetime guaranteed. Call 800-447-3343 or visit for more info

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The SwingBlade was designed by Outdoor Edge's president David Bloch as a cooperation between Outdoor Edge and EKA. Originally both the EKA and the Outdoor Edge brand were on the SwingBlade. Five years ago EKA changed ownership, closed their factory in Eskilstuna, Sweden and took the Outdoor Edge logo off their version, thus ending the cooperation. Both the Outdoor Edge and EKA SwingBlades are made in the same factory in China and marketed separately by each company.

I want this knife soo bad how much for the pack i cant wait to use this gut hook i can never field dress my buck without cutting hair all over and then finding ground into my venison when Im all done so how much is it for the pack

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