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S:3 Ep:22 (128): 🔪 Ka-Bar BK18 Harpoon knife Review! 🔪 #kabarknives #BK18

Apologies that it took me so long to get this knife review/test video made and posted, as some of \you know we recently had some big life things happen, so everything was put on hold and postponed until that settled somewhat. Hopefully, as least as far as Youtube, I’ll be getting back to some kinda normal soon.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video, and I hope it helps you make a better informed decision about whether to put down your chunk of cash on this knife (to find out if I think it’s worth it….watch the video 😜).

Small Adventures can be found (or made from) everyday’s simple things, get out and enjoy the day! 😁

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This video is intended for adult/mature audiences and is not intended for children under the age of 18. Do not attempt anything that is above your own personal skill levels, neither Small ADVentures channel nor I am responsible if you get injured or killed doing what you see in videos on this channel, YOU and only you are responsible for your own choices.


Where to buy your very own BK18 (if you can find one in stock):

22 replies on “S:3 Ep:22 (128): 🔪 Ka-Bar BK18 Harpoon knife Review! 🔪 #kabarknives #BK18”

Nice video review of the Ka Bar BK18 Harpoon Knife. Enjoyed till conclusion. New here

Burnt bronze say that 3x fast 🤣…we used to sell alot of ka-bar knives at my old job…I think that's a nice knife..nice field testing…nice old picture of you..take care my friend

That was a pretty good review and test ol buddy! Covered most everything somebody'd use one for I think I might buy one, great job! 🙂 1 more vote for that big hunk of Schrade! Maybe show some comparisons to that Becker 2?

Sorry you could see my finger in part of the film! That mora knife looks interesting despite that orange color, ugh!

Great review brother ! That's also a great knife ! I really should buy o…. Wait what !? heheheh 😀

Damn man you was sweatin in the woods to get us a knife test!It was worth it great video bro.That Shrade looks like a monster it gets my vote!

I really like that Ka-Bar! Shamefully, I have a BK2 that has never been used…..Do the Mora next….I've been on the fence to get one!

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