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Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife Unboxing and Review


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10 replies on “Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife Unboxing and Review”

I just ordered white huntsman ☺…..could you make a video about how to open victorinox scales using Victorinox watch tool?😀

I am a big fan of the Huntsman. This model is in a sweet spot: It is light enough for everyday carry, but has enough tools that a lot of people will find useful. The one I have is still serving me well for at least 15 years now. I love this model so much that I bought another one as a backup. For accessories, I bought a mini-screwdriver that fits on the corkscrew, inserted an ordinary pin on the hole near the base of the corkscrew, and replaced the toothpick with a ferro rod.

I could live without scissors and a hook so I prefer camper. If you don't need tweezers,toothpick and corkscrew then farmer.

My Huntsman black arrived in the mail a couple of days ago and the first tool I used was the corkscrew. I love to pop wine bottles with my Swiss Army Knives.

In my experience, the size is not a problem when you carry a Victorinox, you get used to the size. The important issue is, does it have the tools you need in your daily use or not. But if the size is that much of an issue, then consider carry it in a belt pouch instead, it is easy to get one that fits the size of your Victorinox.

I think 4 layers are too thick for the pocket….personally.
I have the Climber…..which is like the Huntsman less the saw.
For the woods, I have a Farmer.

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