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S.O.L. Traverse Survival Kit

A review of the SOL (Survive Outdoors Longer) Traverse Survival Kit. This kit costs around $18 and for the most part is pretty solid. Enjoy!

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You're videos are great and very informative. This kit is superior than most just due to the included tarp.
Btw – If you look closely at the spark wheel device, you will see the SOL logo near the bottom. This has to face away from the palm of your right hand as you spin the wheel for it to work properly. It's a one way rotation due to the flint rod. It even has a round arrow at the top of the grip to show the direction of spin. I highlighted mine with a black marker. Good luck all!

$18 is about $10 more than it should cost. The only thing that kit is good for is maybe boiling some water. If that kit is all you have, you really are SOL!

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