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Maxpedition H1 Waist pack review Survival kit / Possibles pouch

A close look at my new possibles pouch and the contents inside.

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Great kit. Any person who has any degree of life-experience in the outdoors could do very well with it.

Hey buddy cool video!, I'm waiting for mine in the post and you've given me some excellent ideas so Thankyou for taking the time to post the vid. Where's a good place to get bank line in the UK?

Excellent review. I bought the maxpedition m1 pack and wish now that I bought the h1. The m1 is great but it doesn't fit the great that I wasn't to carry easily. It expands outward a good 5 or 6 inches but that becomes very annoying wearing it daily on my belt. I run into everything with it because it sticks out so far. Now I wish I bought a bigger pack so that everything rides closer to my hip rather than expanded outward so much. Other than that the m1 is exceptionally made.

Another great vid!   It's odd that I've been buying a bucket load of Max gear from Amazon and not once did they promote this pack to me.  Thank you for your vid mate.  Peace from Berkshire.

Another great video. I had never heard of the H1. Again really packed it well. Have you ever heard of Mini Inferno? A great fire starter. Thanks again for the video.

Why not just carry a latex glove instead? All the same uses, holds more water, fits better when used as a glove. And if you're worried about sterility, you can buy sterile packaged gloves too. And you can still use it on a woman too. A very adventurous woman.

whats the brand name of the little signal mirror. Nice kit by the way. Made me wanna get the pouch.

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