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Odin's Wolf Survival reviews and tests Buck Knives Ground Combat Knife

This is Bucks new blade that Nick Richardson of Greater Veteran Charity sent me to review and test.

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5160 spring steel is incredibly strong, the only steels I can think of that are stronger are S7, CPM-3V, 52100 ball bearing steel.

Some work and outdoor shoes in the past had spring steel running the length of the shoe built into the soles and usually two pieces.

I really like this Buck. A departure from what they usually do. The steel choice is very good, it is extremely tough. This knife should last a lifetime. Good sheath. This looks like a homerun for Buck; they just need to promote more.

I have the gray tanto. Spine thicker than spearpoint version.super sharp and tough as hell.i want all versions of gck

Your dog was trying to make a guest appearance, and you just shut them down. I've been tempted by this one and the tanto version for a while. How was the fit and finish? Great review, by the way. A close-up of the handle would have been nice.

I was looking for a knife for this years Deer Camp Best Deer Award… My dad, uncle, brother, cousin and I go to southern Ohio every year and we always have an award for best/biggest deer… This might be the one… Thanks for the review.

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