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Kershaw Skyline | Knife Review/Torture Test

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After hearing all the comments, we’ve added and subtracted some tests with the goal of always improving. Bringing it back to our roots, we have another Kershaw. This knife was a comfortable and versatile little guy.

Kershaw Skyline(Amazon):

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3 replies on “Kershaw Skyline | Knife Review/Torture Test”

Maybe buy that knife if it was on sale for 25 dollars but 44 dollars seems high. And your reviews and torture tests are awesome. Had to show my wife the shaved hair on the table part. She gave Jared thumbs up for his comment. Nice Video

I have always kind of liked the look of that knife. haha duty. Its a classier looking knife in the kershaw collection. Better for a suit. I dig it. Great review again guys. It may just have some burs on it nothing a quick strop couldn't fix and it may be better. I think it went through the can easier because of how wide the profile on the blade is not the thickness buy the width of the blade.

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