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Long Term Review: KME Precision Knife Sharpener

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21 replies on “Long Term Review: KME Precision Knife Sharpener”

Take a sharpie & draw a straight line from the start of the blade (sharpening choil) 2 the tip. Clamp in the centre of the blade parallel with the sharpie line. Gives an even grind from choil 2 tip. Obviously u can make sure it will work by marking the cutting edge with the sharpie & doing a few light passes.

The KME works fine (awesome in fact) up to a 240mm kitchen knife blade in my experience so long as you set the angle of the blade correctly in the jaws to enable full reach of the stone for the length of the blade.

Knives with high amounts of Vanadium carbides should be sharpened with diamond stones, diamond paste strops etc, all the way to the end.

Hi mate, great channel. You be inspired me a a lot your a joy to watch . Ive just purchased a KME kit and I'm worried…when the jaws are shut (without a knife in them) the fronts of them are not flush…it looks like one of them is machined back too far on a crooked angle (unparralell to the molded lines) and the rubber is overhanging . I realise this may not effect the sharpening ability, but for the price I've paid I'd expect not to have this issue.
I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this…
is it normal?
It love to send you a photo.
Thanks mate
Hornsby Syd

Have you ever sharpened a dagger style blade? Particularly the benchmade the fact? I can’t find a way to clamp it good

Great presentation on the KME. I just purchased one and have been amazed at how well it performs in maintaining a sharp knife.

Some people have stated that with the diamond stones when they're new, the dust can get collected between the blade and the stone carrier and end up scratching up the blade. Have you experienced this and know how to combat it?


I've had numerous problems with my KME system. Chief among them being varying stone thicknesses, even among like stones (diamond to diamond). I never seem to get the same bevel twice. The fact that the diamond stones are considerably thicker than the "Arkansas" type stones is a nuisance also. Other things:

I don't like the clamp – even with flat blades (sabre ground), the blade can end up not flat in the clamp. Also small nit picks – like they should have put wrench flats and locktite on the stand spindle, so it didn't come loose every 30 minutes. The whole assemblage wobbles more than it should. A tighter slip fit of the unit to stand spindle would help too – I've taken to putting layers of masking tape on it. And, the "pistol grip" pat of the handle is ergonomically all wrong and causes a hot spot on the inside of my thumb. All in all, it doesn't seem like "precision" is a word I'd use to describe this system.

I have seen a bloke on You Tube, can't remember who, clamp the KME in a vice for better stability and it seemed to work well.

How are your stones holding up? I just got my KME and so far sharpened a Reckon 1, Tenacious, Ganzo in D2 and a Kershaw. My have stones have nothing left. What used to take 5 minutes takes 5 hours. I had DMT stones that lasted years and did 100's if knives.

When you achieve that mirror polished edge does it stay like that if you are using that knife? It is it just for show?

Tighten the jam nut on the guide rod that connects to the stone holder. Its there to for a reason haha. I never get scratches on my blades.

Im not sure, but, I think your angle guide is upside down, I watched another video and the white ball rod holder thing was on the top…Yours is on the bottom. Not sure if that matters but its just something I noticed.

All those ultra low grit films really don't give you anything useful except to impress your friends. Even a straight razor that you shave your face with is razor sharp with 8000 grit and some stropping. Just something to blow your money on.

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