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Explorer Survival Kit Knife Review

Containing survival accessories stored in the handle and scabbard, catapult, wire cutter, sharpening stone, signalling mirror, harpoon, wiresaw etc., metal handle.

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not sure if anyone said yet, but the strap has a flap to cover the sharpening stone, and another flap to go inside the sheath to cover the survival kit pod, and the snaps are so you can get it on and off your belt without having to remove your belt, great little knves for the money but not for serious work, ideal as a back up or an intro knife to work with until you need to upgrade to a better quality one, the original aitor is top quality, so i would say get this one as a trial, if ya like it save up and buy the real one and you won't go wrong, cheers for sharing, atb Dave

What's that bit of wire with the rings on the end for? And what about those two little sticks of metal with the curve in the center? I can't figure out what they're for on my knife

@WeaponCollector Your model is still very nice though. I have many survival/combat blades. The one I described to you is more of a combat than a survival knife. My favourite survival knife is the same length but a different brand but it can hack away at thick tree branches and never chips or damages the blade, it is incredibly tough when it comes to hacking away at thick branches. Lucky for me I live close to a hunting shop, they have an amazing selection of high quality blades, very reliable.

@WeaponCollector It is exactly the same brand and it can be worn with the strings over one of your shoulders so it rests on the side of your torso just slightly around to your back so it is well concealed and you would not notice it if you were to wear it in public under a jacket, it also has a blade sharpener built into the sheath and a knuckle duster built into the handle and storage space in the handle and the blade is better shaped for stabbing attackers.

I also have this knife. I think it's a copy of the Aitor Jungle King 2 from spain. Check that one out, much better quality. It's almost the same, only it lacks the whistle, wiresaw, wirecutter and screwdriver. The wire saw here is indeed rubbish. It's a nostalgic knife though..

I foolishly bought this, mostly for a laugh. Wouldnt you agree its pretty much useless. First time i carved wood the knife broke. Pants!

I got the exact same knife, I think this only should be a backup source in your backpack out in the wilderness.

can u attach it to ur belt because mines on the way im not using it as a survival kit just a spare for a laugh

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