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Survival Kit Review: Part 4 Water (Wilderness Survival skills)

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I'm not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about us army field manual survival try Ichordo Survival Medical Fixer ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin got cool success with it.

Good ideas. For a tiny kit you may be forced to use a condom but they break to easy. A couple of zip lock bags would do or your kit container if possible. But you're right – usually not lost long enough to get that thirsty unless in an extreme environment. Keep going!

hey great vids. one thing i dont know if many people know about(its kinda new.. well being offical atleast) its called SODIS or solar water distilation you take a regular waterbottle and fill it with clean/ clear water and set it in OPEN SUNLIGHT for atleast 6 hours and the water will be suitable for drinking

why the hurry with the videos take your time, go in more depth tell stories other than that good helpful video

dont forget petroleum jelly saturated cotton balls for tinder. This burns for a long while and the jelly keeps it some what resistant against water, at least until it starts to burn away.

If you can filter water, do it! But if you can, boil it!
I'll add the Aquamira Frontier Filter with seems a good small device.

Where do you get the Adventure Medical Kits guide? Is this something that can be downloaded/printed at home?

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