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Neck Knife Review of COLD STEEL Mini Tac Bowie – 49HCF

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13 replies on “Neck Knife Review of COLD STEEL Mini Tac Bowie – 49HCF”

I have the same knife and love it ! I do not carry it as a neck knife though but on my belt. Frankly I prefer this as an edc over ANY folder, more rugged, cheaper und less weight – what's not to like?

How hard is it to take it out of the sheath? It looks like the finger divider might slow down the process of holding it properly after you pull it out

I have all three and I love them all. I think they made the minimalist with the crappiest steel to get people to buy one of Alan Folts custom ones which go from $100-250 each. I also think the CS is a tad wide/heavy for neck carry, so i took the ball chain and made belts loops with it. I carry it strong side owb. Great review

the steel on the minimalist IS a joke. Not even the steels fault. why the heat it to only 52- 54 hrc? how should that tiny blade snap?! 5cr can run 58 without problems.

You are right Jake, bead blasted 8CR13 doesn't fair well in a warm humid climate, I've had Kershaw knives rusting in less than a week out of box, a necker can get a bit hot & sweaty, I like this knife design though

Great review Jake. Bought myself this one for Christmas. I also own the Tanto version. I think Cold Steel did a bangup job on these knives. Fantastic as a neck knife and usually a good price point. A quality, light weight option, simple design and NOT made of rare or expensive materials. Best wishes to you and family.

I lost my Minimalist Warnie 🙁 my favourite necker design apart from soft as shit steel. The sheaths wear out. My next necker will have to have retention device. I'm thinking Spyderco ARK.

I'm wary about Cold Steel glass reinforced nylon sheaths, they blunt ur edge apparently, and they haven't got purpose built retention mechanism, just friction fit like Minimalist that will wear out. Not keen on the weak jimping either, also quite big

I am tempted though, good review. Lil stubblie lanyard probably helps to wrap pinkie around

I almost forgot – sorry to hear about your mother, I remember from earlier that she was ill, but I did not know that it was in the last/terminal stages. I lost my father to a liver cancer just a few weeks ago, so I know what you are going through (it was a type of cancer that tends to go under the radar until it is too late – once it is discovered, it is terminal). It sucks, but it is what it is…

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