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Review of the Cold Steel Spartan as an EDC Knife

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That triad lock hold 350lbs its a beast I trust these Andrew Demko folders with my life for self defence. I alternate my edc between the CS-Spartan CTSBD1 and the CS-Rajah 2. I also edc the Kabar USMC 1217 from time to time.

That's my experience too. For a user blade the Cold Steel Voyager clip point is much more useful. On the other hand, as a compact version of the Spartan Kopis this takes some beating.

lol I've always thought of EDC as Emergency Defense Carry, because that's what I use my locking knives for, is for "just in case" which a few times I have had to scare people off with(most effective knife attack is not attacking at all, just scaring the other person into running), what you're talking about with EDC I assume is for utility, in which case I usually have my Gerber Crucial clipped to my backpack(which is almost always on me)

Great review but I don't agree with what you said in regards of the blade shape. You can get tremendous cutting power with the s curve.

I have a Spartan and I love mine and I do carry mine every day. Like you I made a video on mine as well. I am kind of a cold steel fan, as of right now I have about 20 of their products.

Biggest prob is, in many areas, the 4.5" Spartan blade would be illegal for carry, as it is a big folder.

I'm more in the camp of the 3" blade for EDC, give or take…

Not sayin' it's not a great blade, just not an EDC for the avg folk…

The one reason I passed on this knife was they had a batch, maybe they all are like this although you seemed to be able to unlock yours without issue, but I couldn't release the
lock it was too stiff! I know the shopkeeper actually had to depress it with force against
his counter to release the lock and close the blade.

i have troubles sharpening in inner swedge of the blade where i cant get a stone in there. any recomendations

I'm getting one for Christmas !! I already got the Ti Lite 4 inch and love it. I got mine off Amazon for a great deal

@ryotaryuu The Voyager is the perfect size for me, and it's thin enough that you can't even feel it in your pocket.

@CrowPollock both are too big for EDC but the XL Voy is stupid big. Why you want to carry that. it's 7 inches folded.

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