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Guardian Tactical GTX-025 Automatic OTF Knife – Overview and Review

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6 replies on “Guardian Tactical GTX-025 Automatic OTF Knife – Overview and Review”

I thought you reviewed this knife already, I am losing it. The knife wholes didn't bother me until you mentioned how the crap that gets caught it the blade wholes, very well could get inside the knife. I still like it for an easy use EDC knife.

great video otf knives arent my thing but i cant deny they have the uiltimate fidget factor oh and i finally fixed my xm 24 vintage centering i took it apart bent the liner just a tad and that did the trick btw the xm 24 is such an easy knife to take apart and put back together all the hardware feels strong i decided not to safe queen this knife im going to use it then maybe pass it down when im old lol sorry for the long comment have a good day man!

Not into small knives but I get why people would prefer this size.
Looks like a great backup to say, a Dirac Delta.

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